Hello, I’m Ron Edson, owner of Ronson Creations.


The Ronson Creations vision was born out of the passionate desire to use storytelling to reveal the past, explore the present and inspire future generations.


Ronson Creations is a legacy video production company that takes exceptional care in documenting life stories in order to preserve the memories of loved ones that can be shared with current and future generations alike.


Ronson Creations is located in Sonora, California and proudly serves Northern California’s Sierra Foothills, Central Valley and greater San Francisco Bay Area.

How I Can

Help You


Collecting a loved one’s life story on video is a rewarding experience for everyone involved. The legacy video creation process is broken down into three easy steps. Your participation in these steps will be key to the success of the final production.


Steps to Create Your Legacy Video:

  1. Meet to learn about the interviewee and plan for the interview

  2. Conduct the video interview at a location familiar to the interviewee

  3. Create a legacy video that will last for many generations to come


I look forward to the opportunity to listen to your life story!

Standard Legacy Video Package



Price may vary based on amount of recorded material and final video length;

Subject to a minimum of $1,250