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Passionate About Helping Others Preserve Their Legacy

Thirty-eight years ago, I went on a journey of a lifetime to a small mountain town nestled in the Adirondack Mountains to visit my Great Uncle of 96 years.

With nothing more than a video camcorder in hand, I witnessed the magic that comes with unlocking, documenting and celebrating the life and times of a beloved family member. Those recorded moments have become a treasure of a lifetime for myself, my family and future generations.


Our history defines who and what we are. It is our identity. It is what defines how future generations view us. However, future generations are losing touch with their past. Family genealogy research is trending, but it can only take us so far.


Learning family history and capturing life’s experiences and values through story telling is powerful way to preserve memories and legacies.


Everyone has a story to tell. Let’s make it yours!

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