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Interview Topics

Family History

Follows the history of the family beginning with the interviewee and siblings, and then moving through past generations including Parents, Grandparents, Great-Grandparents and beyond. We’ll uncover information such as how family members immigrated to America as well as ethnic origins and how it has affected family life.

Growing Up & School

Explores early childhood memories and growing up in the home and neighborhood, family experiences and other adventures. We’ll take a journey back in time from kindergarten through high school and remember friends, first dates, classes, teachers, and many other impressions from that era of innocence and coming of age.

Higher Education & Career

Looks at the years of higher education and recounts how education, accomplishments and experiences of the college or vocational school days helped shape and prepare you for the future. Also, will follow a number of career aspects from job history to job satisfaction, accomplishments, proudest career moments to the lessons learned and values gained from the working world.       

Love, Relationships, Marriage & Partnership

Focuses on the many key aspects of love and relationships which includes marriage, courtship, importance of choosing the right partner, making relationships work, meaning of love and other personal experiences.

Parenthood & Raising Children

Spotlights the many memories and experiences of parenting and raising children which includes favorite stories, funny and embarrassing moments, proudest moments, family vacations and holiday celebrations. This topic also touches on what it is like being a grandparent.

Mid-Century 1900’s (40’s, 50’s, 60’s)

Explores the Mid-century 1900 years and how wars such as World War II, Korean and Vietnam impacted personal and family life. Also, will look at memories and how increasing prosperity and social change of the 50’s and 60’s brought corresponding changes to life during those years.

Travel, Hobbies & Other Interests

Asks the question, “what do you like to do for fun?”. Offers a wide range of conversation around topics such as travel, greatest adventures, hobbies, organizations and volunteering.

Military Service

Looks in depth at military service which gives special attention to topics such as early days in service, deployment, friendships and fun memories, transitioning to civilian life and remembering the fallen.

Political Views & Involvement

Takes a broad-brush view on how political ideas and involvement have been shaped from early childhood until now. Conversations will touch on topics such as when political awareness first occurred, how opinion of major political issues have changed over time, advice to first time voters, meaning of civic involvement and current participation and political hopes and fears when thinking about the future.

Religion & Spirituality

Looks at the philosophy of life and the role religion/spirituality has played during life’s journey. Will also include meaningful conversations about what religion/spirituality means, profound spiritual experiences, belief in God, favorite bible verses, religious holidays and important religious/spiritual belief lessons.

Beliefs & Values, Goals & Predictions

Summarizes life’s journey from the perspective of the past, present and future. Will look to the past to answer important questions such as, "Has your life turned out as you imagined"? and "How have your dreams and goals changed through life"?  Also, takes a peek at personal predictions for the future and lastly, includes a heart-warming message on how you would like to be remembered.   

Lessons Learned & Messages for Future Generation

Explores the most important lessons about life learned thus far. This topic also focuses on advice for future generations in areas such as education, career, money, marriage and raising children as well as a special personal message to all of the future generations of the family.

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